Bring your music skills to the next level


Still dreaming of your first release on iTunes? And that one day people around the world stream your music on Spotify? Well, being an Artist myself with songs on iTunes, Spotify and Beatport - to name but a few - I can talk straight about the hurdles one faces on the way to the (first) release. Therefore, I believe that teaching you the best of both worlds - theoretical foundation and hands-on best practice - will facilitate the steepest learning curve on the way to the release you always dreamt of.


The training areas include:


Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) - how to set up my production environment.

Ableton Live & Push2 - hands on music production with quick results guaranteed.

Sound Design - how to create your own sonic landscape.

VST Plug-ins - how to expand your production possibilities.

Song Arrangement - how to get out of the loop-trap (e.g. substractive arrangement, transitions, automation).

Mixing & Mastering - how to make your song shine like the big productions.

Track Analysis and Feedback - what are the strong/weak points of your track and what can you do to bring it to the next level?


"From the musical spark to the released song" - yes, the secret weapon and gold! Come with your musical inspiration, idea or loops and we will build a track together from start to finish - including your song on iTunes, Spotify, etc. (if you wish so).


What students say:

Josh C. (Germany) - rating a feedback session given on his produced track:

(See full feedback report here ).

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