Music production


We produce complete tracks according to your specifications (e.g. by providing reference material, genres).

We co-produce with you in the studio so you can stay in the driver's seat during the whole track development (e.g. if you are a singer/songwriter).

We have a roster of session singers, instrumentalists and mixing/mastering engineers.

We have collaboration experience with artists around the globe and would be delighted working with you and/or your artists, too.

We can mix and master your tracks using an "in-the-box" approach with finest tools (e.g. fab filter, waves, soundtoys, izotope) to produce the best sound within your loudness requirements (LUFS, RMS).

In 2020 we joined the Universal Audio family with an Apollo x6 and twin x, giving us access to the best modeled analog gear in the world.

We love producing remixes, just in case you´d like to add value to your next single, EP or album release.